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Blank Page: Team
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Jeremy Symons is an environmental and political analyst and strategist dedicated to protecting a healthy, livable planet for future generations. 

Jeremy has twenty years' experience in energy and environmental policy. As the Principal of Symons Public Affairs, he works with clients to analyze and deliver high-impact, pragmatic solutions to climate change and other threats to public health and the environment.
Jeremy has been called “the top political strategist for the influential conservationist lobby” by The Hill newspaper and “one of the smartest strategists" among environmentalists by Eric Pooley in his book The Climate Wars
Jeremy is frequently consulted as an expert on energy and the environment by the media and has debated issues across a wide variety of news programming, such as The O’Reilly Factor and News Hour
As Vice President of Political Affairs at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Jeremy led teams that advanced policy solutions to protect public health and the environment from global climate change, air pollution and other threats. He also helped grow EDF’s political engagement strategy as a senior advisor to EDF Action, the advocacy partner of EDF.
Prior to joining EDF in 2013, Jeremy served as Deputy Staff Director for the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, where he was part of the Senate Democrats’ leadership team on a range of environmental issues and nominations. 
Jeremy worked for twelve years at National Wildlife Federation (NWF), where he was promoted to Senior Vice President for Conservation and Education, responsible for overall leadership of a team of more than 200 talented staff throughout the country. 

Jeremy also worked as a climate policy advisor at the U.S. EPA.

Jeremy has served on the Board of Directors of the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation and as co-chair of the Board of the US Climate Action Network.
Jeremy lives in Virginia.  He holds a master’s degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University and a BA in Environmental Studies from Brown University.

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